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Mr Hickey

Dance Time!! (05/03/15)
Teacher has some killer moves and so he's teaching us how to dance!!!!!!!

Dance time

Snow Day!! (03/03/15)
Once the sun came out we went out to play in the snow. We tried to build a snowman be we got to excited and kept kicking him down.

Snow Day

Autumn Work!! (17/10/14)
As part of our work on Autumn the children have been learning about Hedgehogs.
On Friday (tie-day) we created Hedgehogs using márla.

Making Hedgehogs!!!!!

We went to the Park!!!!(12/10/14)
On Wednesday we went for a walk to the park, we looked for autumn leaves and even had a few minutes in the playground!!! 
When we came back to class we drew maps of the park.

We Went To The Park

25th of September 2014
This week in class we have been making words with the sounds that we have learned during September.
We had lots of fun making real and silly words.

Making Silly Sound

Look at all the hard work! (25/09/14)
We built towers with lego today.  The boys and girls made tall and small towers, fat and skinny ones as well. 

Tower building with Lego!!!!