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Ms McCormack


junior infants 2014

Welcome to our page.
We are really settling into school life.
Please keep checking in for information on what our class is getting up to.
6th October 2014
Today in class we were talking about our names. Have a little chat with your child and tell them how you chose their name.
15th October 2014
Today we had a visit from Joe the Librarian he read us the Dr. Seuss classic " Green Eggs and Ham" the children really enjoyed the story. I will be completing a reading log for the children and returning them to the library the children can then collect their certificates from the library at the Family Fun day on November 1st.

a visit from the librarian


Our journey to the park
On Wednesday we went for a walk to the park, we looked for autumn leaves and even had a few minutes in the playground!!! When we came back to class we drew maps of the park.

Our journey to the park

Multicultural Day 2015

June 23, 2015

School Tour
We went to Glendeer Farm on our school tour and we had a fantastic time looking at all the animals.

school tour

Reading with the boys from Scoil Bride
3rd class boys from Scoil Bride came out to visit and they brought the fabulous big books that they had made and read them with us, thanks boys

reading with the boys

Road Safety
We had great fun during the road safety lesson but most importantly we learned how to stay safe while walking, cycling and in the car. Ask your child all about it.

Road Safety

Experimenting with magnets
The children really enjoyed experimenting with the magnets during science class and making discoveries about what is attracted to the magnet.

fun with magnets