Get exercising your brain with our Quiz!!!  Test Mum and Dad. Don't forget Granny and Grandad too !!! Have fun !


1.       Who is the patron Saint of Ireland?

 St. Patrick

2.       What part of a boat is the bow?

 The front

3.       How many in a baker’s dozen?


4.       Who is famous of building an ark?


5.       How many 10’s in 1000?


6.      Who had a hit single with Wrecking Ball?

 Miley Cyrus

7.      Who is the wife of Prince William?

 Kate Middleton

8.      Where would you find Q W E R T?

 On a keyboard

9.      What river is Belfast on?

 The Lagan

10. Tiger Woods plays which sport?


11.   What is the name of the canal that runs through Tullamore?

 The Grand

12.  Who wrote the ‘Famous Five’ series?

 Enid Blyton

13.  What is a female elephant called?

 A cow

14. What was the name of the Saint who became Santa Clause?

St. Nicholas

15.  What does a milliner make?


16.    What is the imaginary line that circles the Earth?

The Equator

 Set 2
 1.  Famous bar where Diane worked and Frazier drank?      Cheers


2.  Tale of 2 cities which cities?    London and Paris


3.  Which female singer is said to be well balanced – with a chip on both shoulders?   Sinead O’Connor


4.  How many lines in a sonnet?    14


5.  Athos, Parthos and Aramatis are better known as who?  3 musketeers


6.  1st unseeded player to win men’s singles at Wimbledon?  Boris Becker


7.  Apollo that brought the 1st men to the moon.  Name the men?  Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins.


8.  Name Bill Sykes’ dog in Oliver Twist.  Bullseye


9.  What county won the All Ireland Football 2010?   Cork





1.  What country used to be known as Siam?                   Thailand


2.  Which cartoon family comprises of Homer, Marge etc.?               Simpsons


3.  Largest of the great lakes?               Superior


4.  Name of Celia Aherns first play?            Mrs. Whippy


5.  Touchstone was a clown in which Shakespear play?  As You Like It.


6.  What is a solo performance in an opera called?  Aria


7.  According to the Nursery Rhyme, who is made of sugar and spice and all that’s nice?   Little girls


8.  On what day to Americans traditionally eat turkey?   Thanksgiving


9.  Who is the leader of the Labour Party?   Eamonn Gilmore




Page 5


71:What is Gold Spear a variety of?



72:What is Kerr Pinks a variety of?



73:Who wrote the song “Auld Lang  Syre.” ?

Robert Burns.


74:What is a Copperhead?

A venomous North American snake.


75:In Spain who or what is a “Hidalgo”?

A Spanish Nobleman.


76:What is the capital of Albania?



77:What is the capital of Equador?



78:The first Governor General of the Irish Free State was from Bantry. What was his name?

Tim Healy.


79:Lord Frederick Cavendish and Thomas Henry Burke were assassinated. What was their tragedy become known as?

 The Phoenix Park Murders.


80:If Good King Wenceslas lived today, what nationality would he be?



Page 6

81:What is Australia’s single biggest export? Wool [Approx. 30% of the world’s supply.]


82:Which English King was the first to lead an army in Ireland? Henry II


83:Who was the first Christian Emperor of Rome?



84:What maritime county in Ireland has the shortest coastline? Leitrim.


85:From what raw material is aluminium obtained?



86:What territory was one time known as new Holland?



87:What is Cynophobia?

 A morbid fear of dogs.


88:There are four large islands which constitute Japan?

On which island is Tokyo built?



89:Which county won the first ever All Ireland football title? Limerick [Commercials.]



90:What is the capital of Ghana?



What is Granny O’Grimm?

John and Edward are from where?


Page 7


91:Only one player has won six consecutive senior All-Ireland medals in Gaelic games. Name him.

 Jack Lynch (former taoiseach)


92:Who was the only Englishman to be elected Pope?

 Adrian IV


93:What kind of creature is an Alpaca?

A kind of sheep found in Peru.


94:Who directed the film “Jaws.”

Stephen Spielberg.


95:What is anemology?

The study of winds.


96:Sri Lanka was formerly known as what prior to 1972? 



97:In what year did the Catholic Emancipation Act become law? 1829


98:Which wife of Henry VIII had four husbands?

Catherine Parr.


99:What is the national tree of Canada?

The Maple.


100:What is a marsupial? Animal which carries its young in it’s pouch.


Who is the Minister for Social Welfare?

Who is the leader of the Green Party?


101: What is a Gauntlet?

An iron glove or a military punishment of having to run between two lines of soldiers.


102:What is the capital of Sri Lanka?



103:Where is the first Irish President, Douglas Hyde, buried?

Frenchpark, Co. Roscommon.


104:Where are the smallest bones in the human body?

In the ear.


105:What do silkworms feed on?

Mulberry leaves.


106:Where in the U.S.A. is the grave of the Unknown Soldier? Arlington.


107:Where is the German war cemetery in Ireland?

 Glencree, Co. Wicklow


108:What is Photophobia?

 A fear of strong light.


109:What canal links the North Sea with the Baltic sea?

 The Kiel canal.


110:To which country do the Faeroe Islands belong?



The President of Ireland is married to who?

Padraig Harrington is famous for what sport?





111:Who founded the salvation army?

William Booth.


112:Who was the Roman god of the sea?



113:What country has “Helvetia” on its stamps?



114:What is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet?


115:What is Hippophobia?

 Fear of horses.


116:Who designed the Four Courts?

John Ganden. 


117:Who was the supreme commander of the Allied Invasion of Normandy?

General Eisenhower.


118:The international motor car registration letters W.A.N. stand for what country?



119:The Riksdag is the name of the parliament of which country? Sweden.


120:John Curtin was Prime Minister of what country during WWII?