Colin Dunne memorial athletics event.
Four teams represented the school in track and field events on Friday 13th June. All the girls competed very well in their various events. A great day was had by all.


                                        Africa Athletics Event

On Thursday last 24thMay two teams of athletes from Scoil Mhuire made their way to the Harriers to take part in athletics events to celebrate Africa week.

It was a beautiful day and the girls felt very honoured to be part of this event as we were one of only two schools from Offaly invited to take part. A special feature of the day was a visit from Olympic gold medal winner Kip Keino. To mark this there was a special race on the day 900m Kip Keino steeplechase.

We had great success on the day as the girls did very well in their events and overall we came second in the 3rd/4th class category and in the 5th/6thclass category. Unfortunately on the day our 6th class girls were unavailable so the 5th class girls made up the full team and they did a fantastic job altogether. Well Done everybody.

3rd/4th class team;

Hazel o’ Connell

Ella Sheils

Rachel Fogarty

Ciara Bracken

Monica Ateb

Krista Sunina

Migle Mecionyte

Agnieszka Kunz

Sasha Chaban

Grace Elogbamien

Alexamdra Duda

Amy Cuskelly

Gabrielle Kryzeviciute

5th/6th class team;

Oliwia Baczaj

Alexandra Janicka

Nicole Carroll

Emma Bell

Saran Quinn

Nel Deegan

Adi Temofeh

Mia Weir Lenehan

Marcelina Tubliewicz

Fope Oladipo


Roberta Gabalyte

Alison Murray


Athletics May 2012

Here are the results of our Sports Day 2011
Junior Station Winners




1st Place - Iceland

2nd Place – Ireland

3rd Place - Poland

Grace Eloybamien

Kemi Agbetuyi

Chantelle Minnock

Agnieszka Kunz

Urszula Skupinska

Gabriele Kryzeviciute

Monika Ateb

Aaron Brown

Alannah Carne Quinn

Mohamned Muaaz

Sean Joseph

Eryk Pozmyslowiez

Sean Brown

Patrick Ward

Francis Mc Donagh

Luc Droogan

James Mc Namee

Alice Keegan

Libby English










Senior Station winners


1st Place - Spain

2nd Place - Italy

3rd Place - Poland

Sarah Gunning

Jeva Kairaityte

Elizabeth Lynch

Leanne Mulligan

Danielle Mc Donagh

Kristine Sapovala

Lydia Coyne

Emma Dench

Melanie Colbert

Gabi Kavaliauskas

Onemena Otoguor

Caoimhe Griffin

Roberta Gabalyre

Sophie Mc Donald O’Connor

Monika Stumaite


Aga Grezlikowska

Aga Mickiewicz


Individual Race winners-1st class



Egg and Spoon

3 Legged Race

Sack Race

1st- John Ward

1st - Natalie

1st-John & Daimanais




2nd – Michael

2nd - Anna

2nd-Kelly & Lauren



3rd – Robert

3rd -John

3rd-Abigail & Caitlin






Short Sprint Race


Long Distance Race

Egg & Spoon


3Legged Race


1st-Blanka Kowalsha

1st-Sara Larkem

1st-Abby Mulhall

1st-Dervla & Thawny

2nd-Rachel Fogarty

2nd-Blanka Kowalsha

2nd-Agata Garbacz


2nd-Monika & Martina

3rd-Sara Larkem

3rd-Rachel Fogarty

3rd-Blanka Kowalsha

3rd-Anna & Agata






Walking Race


Jumping Race

WheelBarrow Race

1st-Thawny O' Neill

1st-Ciara Bell


1st-Sara & Blanka

2nd-Leah O' Brien


2nd-Sara Larkem

2nd-Leah & Ciara





3rd-Ciara Bell & Agata


4th Class Sports Day Individual Race Winners



Walking Race


Long Run

Potato & Spoon

1st- Alison Murray

1st-Olivia Buckley

1st-Nel Deegan

1st-Hannah Davis


2nd-Alison Murray



2nd-Alison Murray

3rd- Nel Deegan


3rd-Emma Bell


3rd-Adi Temofel




Queens Chair



Sack Race

Joint 1st-Emma, Sarán, Niamh

     Reigna, Alison, Nel



1st-Nel Deegan

2nd--Adi, Sophie, Olivia


2nd-Alison Murray



3rd-Monika & Oliwia-Joint 3rd


5th class Individual Race winners


Long Run


Short Run

3Legged Race

Book Race


1st-Caoimhe Griffin


1st-Onemena Oteguar

1st-Emma Whelan & Ciara Courtney

1st-Leila Pidgeon

2nd-Emma Whelan

2nd-Clodagh Cullen

2nd-Weronika Wasik & Leah Delaney

2nd-Caoimhe Griffin

3rd-Weronika Wasik

3rd-Emma Whelan

3rd-Emma O' Connor & Ciara Bryant


3rd-Ciara Bryant


Sack Race

Queens Chair

1st-Clodagh Cullen

1st-Roya Ahmed, Lydia Coyne & Isa Mc Geachy

2nd-Elaine Casey

2nd-Tara Daly, Caoimhe Griffin & Ciara Courtney

3rd-Emma Whelan




6th Class Individual Race Winners

Long Distance



3 Legged Race

Sack Race


1st-Kristina Sapovala

1st-Kristina Sapovala

1st-Michelle Davis & Niamh Daly

1st-Monika Wiczlinska


2nd-Hannah White

2nd-Hannah White

2nd-Ciara Gallagher & Sarah Gunning

2nd Niamh Mahon

3rd-Michelle Davis

3rd-Michelle Davis

3rd- Leanne Mulligan & Abbie Dominik




3rd-Celia Hynes



Potato & Spoon



Queens Chair


1st-Simona Kryzeviviute


1st-Michelle Davis & Niamh Daly

1st- Michelle Davis, Jessie O' Connor & Nimah Daly


2nd-Celia Hynes

2nd-Hannah White & Abbie Dominik


2nd-Kristina Sapovala, Aliona Povstianaja & Simona Kryzevia

3rd-Rachel Creevy

3rd-Katryna Koz & Michelle Femi

3rd-Monika Wiczlinska, Hannah White & Sarah Gunning




Sports Day 2011



                                              CONGRATULATIONS     AMY CUSKELLY
                                               FIRST PLACE 500M 3RD CLASS GIRLS
 The following girls participated in the Cross Country Event in the Harriers today (Wednesday 29th September 2010)
6th Class                   5th Class                  4th Class                         3rd Class
Niamh Daly                Isa Mc Geachy            Adi Azu                           Shannon Ward
Judy Chen                 Weronika Wasik          Gabriela Kavaliouska         Amy Cuskelly
Leanne Mulligan         Clodagh Cullen            Nel Deegan                       Migle Mecionyte
Yoursa Larkem           Ciara Bryant                Alison Murray                   Nicole Mannion
Congratulations to all the girsl who participated and a special congratulations to Amy  who came first in 500m 3rd class girls
Congratulations also to all the girls who represented the school in the Marathon Event on Thursday 30th September 2010. More news about this event later.

Congratulations to our football team - our girls had their first win yesterday against Rhode. Well done ladies. We are so proud of you all. The sweet taste of success !!   Thank you to the trainers Ms. Mc Cormack and Ms. Daly and thank you to all who did taxi on the day. 

International Simultaneous Marathon Relay 2010


Congratulations to Hannah White, Michelle Davis, Christina Sapovala, Lydia Coyne and Jessica O’ Connor who took part in the International Simultaneous Marathon Relay 2010, in The Tullamore Harriers Athletic stadium on Tuesday 19th October.

Teams from across the UK, Europe, North America and Africa have been linked by the internet for the running of the Maratón Internacional Simultáneo.

The concept is for each team of 16 boys and 16 girls to complete the distance of a Marathon - 42km 195m / 26miles 385 yards - as a continuous relay.

This was a unique event for children being held in at least 12 locations around the globe.

Offaly was honoured with the privilege of being the only county in Ireland to receive an invitation to enter a team.

32 children(16 boys & 16 girls) from 23 schools in Offaly were chosen to run the 26 mile marathon.

Three of the Scoil mhuire girls Hannah White, Michelle Davis, Christina Sapovala were part of the 32 person team, while Lydia Coyne and Jessica O’ Connor also had important roles on the reserve team.

Offaly finished 2nd out of 10 teams from Spain, England & Ireland running the marathon in 2 hours and 45 seconds.

They were narrowly beaten by Castlelon a Spanish team by 1 minute and 12 seconds.

Athletics 2010


Skip Hop 2010