Children and Parents Enjoying Reading: This is a scheme which promotes reading. In a world where our pupils and their      teachers race to become technologically literate the value and comfort of curling up with a good book is still promoted by the teacher. Since its inception, the CAPER programme has gone from strength to strength and has succeeded in

  • Raising considerably the reading standards of all of our pupils as evidenced in standardised test results.
  • Increasing performance levels in the associated skills of writing, spelling , comprehension etc.
  • Involving parents enthusiastically in the teaching process
  • Developing a great love of books especially among the less-able children

 The three basic components of the scheme are

  • A large supply of suitably graded reading material
  • Willingness of parents to spend a maximum of ten minutes listening to their child reading each evening
  • Willingness of facilitators to devote some time each day to record progress and provide the child with the replacement book.

This is a very worthwhile scheme and we hope to continue it this year.