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Safety, Health and Welfare at Work



 This document has been prepared in compliance with Part 1 Section 12 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005.

 Statement on general policy


The Board of Management Scoil Mhuire recognises the importance of the Legislation enacted in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005. 


The Safety Statement sets out the Safety Policy of the Board of Management Scoil Mhuire and sets out the means to achieve that policy. The Board of Management’s objective is to endeavour to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and pupils and to meet our duties to members of the public with whom we come in contact. 


The policy requires the co-operation of all employees. It is our intention to undertake regular reviews of the statement in light of experience, changes in legal requirements and operational changes.


The Board of Management will undertake to carry out a safety audit annually and report to staff. This inspection/safety audit will be carried out more frequently if requested by either staff or the Board of Management.


All records of accidents or ill -health will be monitored in order to ensure that any safety measures required can be put in place, wherever possible, to minimise the recurrence of such accidents and ill-health

Mary Teresa Lynch

Chairperson of the Board of Management                           

Policy Statement on Safety, Health and Welfare at Work of the

Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire.


The members of the Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire are

Chairperson: Mary Teresa Lynch

Secretary: Fionnuala Doheny

Treasurer: Michael Casey

Other Board Members: Fr. Joe Gallagher, Mark Gallagher, Ania Ryan, Joe Coleman, Elysia McCormack
 1.2   The Board of Management will ensure that, in so far as is practicable, the highest standards of safety shall    prevail and that, at a minimum, the provisions of the Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work Act, 1989 are applied.
1.3   Specifically, the Board of Management wishes to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable:
                a)     the design, provision and maintenance of all places in a condition that is safe and without risk to health.

b)    the design, provision and maintenance of safe means of access to and from places of work.

c)     the design, provision and maintenance of plant and machinery.

d)    the provision of systems of work that are planned, organised, performed and maintained so as to be safe and    without risk to health.

e)    the provision of instruction to staff on proper lifting techniques of pupils and dealing with pupil challenging, behaviour

f)      the provision of such information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary   to ensure the safety and health at work of its employees.

g)     the provision and maintenance of suitable protective clothing or equivalent as necessary to ensure the safety and health at work of its employees.

h)     the preparation and revision as necessary of adequate plans to be followed in  emergencies e.g  fire drill, injuries  etc.

i)       the safety and prevention of risk to health at work in connection with use of any article or substance.

j)      the provision and maintenance of facilities and arrangements for the welfare of employees at work.

k)     obtaining where necessary, the services of a competent person for the purpose of and health at work of its employees.                             

l)           the continuing updating of the Safety Statement.

m)       the provision of arrangements for consultation with employees on matters of  Health and Safety

n)         the provision of arrangements for the selection from amongst its employees of a      

o)         safety representative.
 1.4The Board of Management recognises that its statutory obligations under legislation extend to employees, students, to any person legitimately conducting school business, and to the public.


 1.5    The Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire will ensure that the provisions of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 are adhered to.








 1.     It is the duty of every employee while at work:

(a) to take reasonable care for his/her own safety, health and welfare and that of any person who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions while at work.
(b) to co-operate with his/her employer and any other person to such extent as will enable his/her employer or the other person to comply with any of the relevant statutory provisions,
(c) to use in such manner so as to provide the protection intended, any suitable appliance, protective clothing, convenience, equipment or anything provided (whether for his/her use alone or for use by him/her in common with others) for securing his/her safety, health or welfare while at work.
(d) to report to the Board of Management without unreasonable delay, any defects in plant, equipment, place of work, or system of work, which might endanger safety, health or welfare, of which he/she becomes aware?
2.  No person will intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse any appliance, protective clothing, convenience, equipment or anything provided in pursuance of any of the relevant statutory provisions or otherwise, for securing safety, health or welfare of persons arising out of work activities.


 3.  Employees will, by using available facilities and equipment provided, ensure that work practices are performed in the safest manner possible.


4.    Staff must not report for work under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances.  It will be necessary for a member of staff reporting in such a state to be suspended from duty for their own safety and the safety of their co-workers and pupils.
5.   Any member of staff who is under medical supervision or on prescribed medication but who is certified fit for work should notify the Principal of any known side effects which could hinder their work performance and which may be a danger to themselves or fellow worker or pupils.
6.       All machines and lights should be switched off at the close of work each evening. Staff should be the last to leave the classroom at all times to ensure safety of pupils.
7.       Staff should see to the good airing of classrooms to avoid a build up of foul air.


It is the policy of the Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire to consult with staff in preparation and completion of hazard control forms, to give a copy of the safety statement to all present and future staff, and to convey any additional information or instructions regarding health, safety and welfare at work to all staff as it becomes available.  Health, safety and welfare at work will be considered in any future staff training and development plans.


The following hazards (in so much as can be identified are considered by the Board of Management to be a source of potential danger and are brought to the attention of all concerned.


1.           Wet corridors , Toilets

2.           Climbing frames

3.           Trailing leads

4.           Computers

5.           Guillotine

6.           Projectors

7.           Fuse Board

8.           Electric kettle

9.           Boiler House

10.       Ladders

11.       Protruding units and fittings

12.       Flat roof of school.

13.       External store to be kept locked

14.       Lawnmower

15.       Perimeter of school

16.       Icy surfaces on a cold day

17.       Mats in hall

18.       Windows opening out.


 To minimise these dangers the following safety/protective measures must be adhered to (see duties of employees.)
a)         Access to and operation of plant/equipment is restricted to qualified members of the staff, whose job function is that of running, maintaining, cleaning and monitoring particular items of plant in the course of their normal duties.  Copies of this Safety Statement will be sent to all contractors prior to contract by the Principal/Board of Management. Any other contractors entering the school must be shown a copy of the schools Safety Statement and shall adhere to its provisions.
b)  In addition all such plant and machinery is to be used in strict accordance with the manufactures instructions and recommendations.
c)         Where applicable Board of Management will ensure that members of the staff will have been instructed in the correct use of plant, machinery and equipment.
d)          All machinery and electrical equipment are fitted with adequate safeguards.
e)          Precautionary notices, in respect of safety matters are displayed at relevant points.
f)            Ladders must be used with another person’s assistance.
g)         Avoid use of glass bottles where possible by pupils.  Remove broken glass  immediately on discovery.
h)         Board of Management will check that floors are clean, even, non-slip and splinter proof.
i)           Post holders will check that PE equipment is stacked securely and in position so as not cause a hazard
j)           Check that all PE and other mats are in good condition.
k)         An annual routine for inspecting furniture, floors, apparatus, equipment and    fittings. Board of Management Safety Officer and Staff Safety Representative.
l)           Check that wooden beams, benches etc. are free from splinters and generally sound.
m)       Check that vaulting horses, beams and benches are stable and do not wobble when in use.
n)         Check that there are no uneven /broken/cracked paving slabs-Caretaker  
o)    Caretaker under Board of Management will check that roofs, guttering, drain pipes etc as        far as can be seen are sound and well maintained.  Board of Management Safety Officer.
p)         Caretaker checks that manholes are safe.
q)         Caretaker checks that all play areas, especially sand pits, are kept clean and free from glass before use.
r)          Caretaker checks that outside lighting works and is sufficient.  
s)          Caretaker check that refuse is removed from building each day and is carefully  stored outside.
t)           Check that all builder’s materials, caretakers’ maintenance equipment, external stores etc are stored securely. 
Principal and Board of Management     

u)         Safety Officer.

v)         No running indoors.



Hazard Identification, Assessment of risks and Control.     

    The following hazards have been identified in the school that could cause a risk to the Health and Safety of staff and others.


These have been divided into four areas:

             A.            Physical Hazards

             B.            Chemical Hazards

C.                  Biological Hazards

D.           Human Hazards


A.              Physical Hazards

(1)           Fire

It is the policy of the Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire that:-
          (a)         there is an adequate supply of fire extinguishers which will deal with any type of fire,
            (b)        all fire equipment is identified and regularly serviced,
            (c)         regular Fire drills take place at least once a year/term.
            (d)         instruction is given in the use of Fire Extinguishers for  
specific materials /equipment
            (e)         fire alarms are clearly marked,
            (f)         signs will be clearly visible to ensure visitors are aware 
of exit doors,
            (g)         all electrical equipment should be unplugged or turned off outside office hours and when offices are vacated
                         for lengthy periods.         

            (h)         an assembly area is designated outside each building.

            (i)        all doors, corridors, and entries shall be kept clear of obstruction

and shall be able to be opened at all times from within the building.  Each teacher who has an exit in her classroom must ensure it is kept clear.  P.E.  hall exits and main building exits  - 
Principal will see they are free of obstruction.
           (k)       those leaving the buildings/classrooms should let someone know.
           (l)      exit signs are clearly marked,                             

(2)     Electricity

          The use of electricity in the school is well controlled. Staff is requested not to overload sockets. Pupils, especially younger pupils are not allowed to plug in any electrical appliances. (If appliances are found to be faulty report the matter straight away to the Principal. Electrical equipment should be checked from time to time in particular wiring and plugs.

(3)    Schoolbags:

         Schoolbags should not be left in the middle of the yard or classroom.  Bags should be kept to the side to minimise risks.

(4)    Cables:

             Cables belonging to electrical equipment computer, projector, television and hoover are potentially dangerous, as people can trip over them. Precautions need to be taken by staff to mimimise the risk. Pupils’ attention should be drawn to the risk involved

(5)   Lighting

             Unsuitable lighting levels can cause damage to peoples’ eyes. When weather is dull lights should be turned on in rooms.

(6)    Yard
             The yard can be icy during periods of frost and snow. This can be dangerous for people as they can slip on the tarmac and hurt themselves. When frost occurs the yard should be salted. Pupils should be stopped from sliding on the icy patche
(7)  Machinery, Kitchen Equipment and Electrical Appliances.

           It is the policy of the Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire that:

          Machinery, Kitchen Equipment and Electrical Appliances are used only by competent persons. Such appliances
          and equipment will be subject to regular maintenance checks.
            At no time should anyone stand on tables, chairs or stools to gain height. Steps are available on each corridor for this purpose.
(8)   Smoking

Scoil Mhuire is a no smoking area.


(9)  Drugs/ Medications

              It is the policy of the Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire that all medications, drugs etc., are kept in a proper medication cabinet.


(10)  Highly polished or wet floors

              It is the policy of the Board of Management Scoil Mhuire that washing of floors is conducted as far as possible after school hours to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, elimination of danger of slipping. Attention is drawn to the fact that terrazzo floors may be slippery in all weathers.




 1.     It is the policy of the Board of Management Scoil Mhuire that all chemicals, detergents etc., be stored in clearly identifiable containers bearing instructions and precautions for their use and kept in a locked area, and protection provided for use when handling them.

 2.  Tippex, glues, solvents and markers are potential hazards. Staff and pupils need to be conscious of good ventilation during their use. Non- smelling solvents should be used if these are available.

3.    Cleaning materials are very dangerous. They should be used with great care.

Instructions need to be read carefully, including procedures in the case of accidents.
No pupil or unauthorised staff is allowed to handle these materials . Protective clothing should be worn during their use.
 Biological hazards include viruses and bacteria that can cause infection.
A school environment has potential risks in this regard.


Lack of hygiene


a)    A lack of hygiene in the school environment needs to be checked. Every care shall be taken to keep toilet areas spotlessly clean and resources should not be spared in this regard.

b)   Pupils should be encouraged to keep themselves clean and tidy at all times. When they use the toilet they should  wash their hands using the soap and water provided.

               c)    Food should not be taken into toilet areas.

               d)    Staff is asked to be alert to lice in childrens’ hair.

e)    Teachers are asked to bring points b and c to the attention of pupils regularly.

f)         Hygiene should be part of the Health Education Programme of the school.

g)       Separate toilets are provided for adult use. All adults should ensure that standard of    

      facilities are maintained. Twenty four sanitary disposal units are available and are    

      serviced regularly.


Viruses and bacteria

Staff and pupils can be put in danger with sickness that pupils may get from time to time.  The classroom environment should be kept as healthy as possible. In particular  they should be well ventilated . At break times windows should be opened.

If a child has a bad cold, cough or sickness parents/guardians should be contacted so that they can be brought home.   
If a child gets sick or needs first aid treatment, staff should wear protective gloves to minimise risks to themselve
Contagious diseases

Staff and pupils can be at great risk from contagious diseases.

Staff is asked to be ever vigilant in this regard. If an epidemic breaks out the Principal should contact the Director of Health Care to ensure action is taken to ensure the safety and health of all
Human factors

Teaching is a very stressful job. The following hazards have been identified in the  school.


1. Large classes
Every effort will be make to keep class sizes to a minimum, having regard to age groups and the needs of pupils.

2. Disruptive pupils

The maladaptive behavior of pupils can cause considerable stress to staff.
Steps outlined in the school’s Code of Behavior should be carried out to minimise and eliminate the risks involved.
3.   Violent behaviour
The potential violent behavior of pupils or parents could have serious risks for    staff.  Such risks need to be dealt with quickly and firmly to ensure safety.
4.  The behaviour code
The Code of Behaviour in the school provides for a level of behavior to minimise personal risk or stress to any employee.
 5.   Overwork
Teaching is a highly demanding task.
Staff is asked to take as much reasonable care of themselves during and after school time.
If staff find a class or situation particularly hard he /she should inform the Principal, so as steps can be taken to make the situation more acceptable.
6.Access to employees is by consent
When the employee feels at risk from or threatened by a particular person on school property, this must be drawn to the Board of Management’s attention. The Board of Management will undertake to ensure that in such circumstances all appropriate measures will be taken to protect employees.

Personnel trained in First Aid

  It is the policy of the Board of Management of Scoil Mhuire that a number of employees  will be trained to apply First Aid to other employees and pupils.   All required remedies and equipment are made available for first aid function

(1)               Notices are posted in office detailing;

·        Arrangements for giving first aid,

·        Location of first aid boxes

·        Procedure of calling ambulances etc….,

·        Telephone numbers of local Doctor, Gardai, Hospital


(2)        All incidents, no matter how trivial and whether to employees or to students or to  

members of the public must be reported immediately to the person responsible for the hazard identified in the Statement or in the event that the accident/incident occurs in any other place to which that paragraph dealing with hazards does not relate to the Safety Officer.  This is necessary to monitor the progress of safety standards and to ensure that the proper medical attention is given where required.  An Accident Report File is to be maintained for the recording of all accidents and incidents by the Safety Officer.



First Aid Boxes


First Aid boxes are located in strategic areas of the school, one outside the office, one in the staff room, one in room 17 and one in prefab 7. All staff members are aware of their location. The contents of such boxes are replenished when deemed necessary by the Health and Safety Officer  in the school.


Elastoplast Plasters,

Wasp Eze


          Savlon Antiseptic Disinfectant


Optrex Eye Lotion

Savlon Antiseptic Cream

Cotton Bandage,

Water Gel

Antiseptic Wipes


First Aid Chart

          Disposable gloves which must be used at all times when administering First Aid

          Hot water and soap will be available and should be used before and after administering First Aid.


Other items for consideration

When the Patron is making nominations to the Board of Management and when parents are electing parents’ representatives to the Board of Management they are requested to bear the Health and Safety Act in mind and, where possible, to ensure that the Board of Management should have at least one member with skills.


 Person coming onto the school premises must identify themselves clearly to whoever answers the door before gaining admittance to the school premises. Any contractor should make direct contact with the Principal, or Deputy-Principal before initiating any work on the school premises.


It is the policy of the Board of Management Scoil Mhuire to minimise sound pollution -room to room, yard to room etc.


When people are working on the premises with drills or other loud implements they must wear protective earmuffs.
Where such work is taking place which constitutes any threat to Health and Safety the school will be closed or the work will not take place during school hours.

All flammable, toxic and corrosive substances must be kept in the locked press/room provided. All the above substances must be clearly and accurately labeled at all times.


 When a child who needs to be lifted is enrolled in the school, suitable support services must be provided, arrangements made and training provided for the lifting of the child in order to minimise strain on staff.

Arrangements will be made to ensure the protection of staff from violent or disturbed children.

Collecting and Dropping Children
(1)  All parent(s)/guardian(s) in the interest of safety most obey all signs when entering the school grounds when collecting and dropping children.
(2)  Those parking outside the school grounds are advised to accompany children to and from the school premises

To ensure the continued welfare of the staff and children, toilet and cloakroom areas are provided.  A Staff room separate from the work area is provided, where tea and lunch breaks may be taken by staff.  Staff must co-operate in maintaining a high standard of hygiene in this area.


A high standard of hygiene must be achieved at all times on the school premises.  Adequate facilities for waste disposal must be available.  An adequate supply of hot and cold water, towels and soap and sanitary disposal facilities must be available.











                                            SCOIL MHUIRE, TULLAMORE


                                         SAFETY STATEMENT


    The Board of Management Scoil Mhuire recognises and accepts its statutory responsibilities in relation to the Safety Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005.

      It also acknowledges its obligation to direct, manage and achieve its responsibilities towards every employee, teaching and non-teaching pupils and visitors. To this end, the Board of Management has drawn up a comprehensive Safety Statement in compliance with Part 1 Section 12 of the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005. The staff, pupils and visitors of Scoil Mhuire also acknowledge their role in ensuring the effectiveness and implementation of this statement.


Mrs. M. T. Lynch

Chairperson of B.O.M.