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Homework Policy


As homework plays a vital part in your child’s progress in school, a policy has been formulated in Scoil Mhuire.

  1. All children will take down their homework in a journal each day except Friday. Adequate time is given by teachers for taking it down.
  2.  Homework is based on work that has been done in the classroom. It is based on concepts or ideas that have already been covered. It is essential for children to commit certain facts to memory e.g. tables, spellings, poetry, prayers etc. and it is important that these should be revised regularly at home as directed by the teacher.
  3. All homework is corrected and checked by the teacher.
  4. If a child neglects homework or does not do it properly, a note to the parents in the journal would be appropriate.
  5. No Homework at weekends.

Following discussion by staff in September 2009 the following amendments were made to number 4 of the policy:

1.      If homework is not done on a particular night it is re-assigned for the following night.

2.      If it is not done on the second night a note is sent home and the work is to be done at the weekend.

3.      If the homework is not done at the weekend it will be done under supervision at lunchtime on the following Monday.




How the parents can help:


1.      Reminding the child to do his/her homework at a suitable time – not at bedtime.

2.      Providing a suitable place where the child can work – away from the distraction of television etc.

3.      Ensure that each item listed in the homework journal is carefully done. It is most important that any oral work given is memorised as children often feel that it is enough to do written work. Emphasis on learning and research.

4.      Listen to oral work – spellings, tables, reading, prayers etc. Spend time with your child.

5.      Homework journals should be signed by a parent at least once a week and any comment or message written by the teacher noted. Individual teachers may ask for journals to be signed each night. We would like ask you to comply with such a request and to be consistent.

6.      The following is a rough estimate of the maximum time which your child should spend on his/her assigned homework:

Junior and Senior Infants 20 minutes

1st Class 30 minutes

2nd Class 45 minutes

3rd, 4th and 5th Class 1 hour

6th Class 1 hour 15 minutes


            Your child’s success in school depends greatly on your co-operation with the school, particularly in the area of homework.





            Dear Parents,


­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________ has failed to complete homework on the following evening(s)____________________________________________________________________. As a result, homework has to be completed over the weekend. If this is still incomplete on Monday morning, _______________________________ will complete outstanding homework under supervision at lunchtime (Monday).

We trust that you will ensure that you child’s homework is completed during the weekend.


Yours sincerely,


____________________                                                                    _____________________

F.Doheny                                                                                             (Class Teacher)