Enrolment Procedure





Parents who wish to enrol children in Scoil Mhuire will be required to enrol their child by way of written application.


Latest date for enrolment is the last school day in January each year.


New Junior Infants (and their parents) have an introductory afternoon in May/June to familiarise themselves with their new environment. This date is arranged each year.


A specific application form for enrolment will be provided. Information including the following will be required:


Pupils name, age, address, sex, country of origin, religion and

P.P.S. No.


Names and address of pupil's parents /guardians


Contact telephone numbers.


Contact name and telephone number in case of an emergency.


Previous pre-school/school attended if any and reasons for transfer, if applicable.


Any other relevant information.


According to the school policy Scoil Mhuire is bound by the rules for National schools, which provides that pupils may only be enrolled from the age of four years and upward.


Decisions in relation to application for enrolment are made by the Board of Management of the school in accordance with the school


In relation to the school policy children will be enrolled on application provided that there is space available. If the applications for enrolment exceeds/ are expected to exceed the number of spaces available the board must give regard to class size or staffing provisions, physical space and the health and welfare of children.


Scoil Mhuire's criteria for decision-making in relation to enrolment is:                                  

1. Brothers and sisters of children currently attending Scoil Mhuire and Scoil Bhride

2. Children of current staff.

3. Catholic children within parish.

4. Catholic children outside the parish  who do not have access to a catholic school within their own parish.

5. All others in Parish.

6. All others outside the Parish.

The above criteria apply until the last school day in February each year.



In relation to the enrolment of children with special needs, Scoil Mhuire Board of Management may request a copy of the child's medical and /or psychological report or where such a report is not available, may request that the child be assessed immediately.

The assessment report will assist Scoil Mhuire in establishing the educational needs of the child and to profile the support services required.

If a child requires further resources not already available in the school e.g. visiting teacher, special needs assistant, specialised equipment or furniture, transport services, a request will be made to the Department of Education & Science to provide the resources required to meet the needs of the child as outlined in the report.

Scoil Mhuire will meet with the parents of the child and discuss the child's needs and the schools suitability or capability in meeting these needs. If necessary a full‑case conference involving all parties should be held, which may include parents, principal, class teacher, learning support teacher, special class teacher, resource teacher for special needs, psychologist and SENO  as appropriate.

It is the policy of the school to enable children to transfer to our school at any time, subject to space and the approval of the Dept. of Ed & Science.


It is the policy of our school to communicate information concerning attendance and the child's educational progress to other schools if requested.  Parental permission will be sought for this.


Our Code of Behaviour is available in school for inspection by parents.Children enrolled in our school are required to co‑operate with and support the School/Board of Management's Code of Behaviour as well as all our policies on curriculum, organisation and management.


The B.O.M. places Parents/Guardians responsible for ensuring their child co‑operates with these policies in an age‑appropriate way, in accordance with the Department of Education's rules for National Schools.

These policies may be added to and revised from time to time.


In the event of serious, breach of our Code of Behaviour it may be necessary for the Board to suspend a child.


For enrolment to our Special Classes for children with Mild General Learning Difficulties please go to the Special Class Policy under the Policies Menu