Information For New Infants

About us:
This school is a Catholic Primary School. However, we appreciate that children come to us from a variety of cultural, religious and social backgrounds. We respect all of our children for their uniqueness and we promote tolerance and understanding throughout the school. We seek to ensure that all our pupils are educated and nurtured in an environment that is caring and tolerant.
As a staff we aim to help children to develop skills, attitudes and values which will bring the greatest happiness and fulfilment to their lives.
We prioritise the safety, security and well being of all pupils as a pre-requisite to their growth and development. We seek to help your child to develop morally, socially, physically and cognitively to the best of his/her ability. All our planning processes and activities seek to achieve these aims.
We the teachers and you the parents are partners in your child's education. We encourage your co-operation and communication and we see these as vital ingredients in the education process.
The First year:
The first year in school is a very important one for your child.It is mainly about settling in, relating to others, making friends, co-operating within a group and gradually getting used to the routines of the school. The emphasis is on getting your child learnready for learning by:
Developing oral language and expression.
Sharpening senses, especially the sense of sight, hearing and touch.
Developing physical co-ordination especially of the hands and fingers.
Extending concentration spans and getting your child to listen attentively.
 Your child will learn through play.
Your child will learn to co-operate with the teacher and other children.
Your child will be encouraged to perform tasks by himself/herself.
Your child will learn to work and share with others.
In this year your child will learn to accept the general order which is necessary for the class to work well.
In addition to all above a full and comprehensive curriculum is taught in Junior Infants.
Please do not double-park outside the school. There is a very real danger for children alighting from a car which is double-parked or running towards such a car. Please show consideration for other parents and children at all times and remember that the example we show in regard to road safety is seen by our children. You can us the parking at the top of the Town Park and at Lidl.
Going Home:
Be sure to collect your child on time. Children can become very upset if they feel that they are forgotten.
Please wait for your child in the front yard. The teacher will lead the class from  the classroom out into the front yard. You can collect your child here. This ensures that your child is safely collected each day.
Children need plenty of rest after the effort and excitement of a day at school. You should ensure that he/she gets to bed early and has a good night's sleep.
Once we are into the second week of September the home time is 2:00pm. Please make sure to collect your child on time as the teacher needs the next hour to clear up after the day, lay out materials and activities for the next day and to have planning meetings with the other infant teachers. If the collection routine has to be changed at any time please tell your child and the teacher. You can ring the school if something un-expected should arise.
The Line:
For the first 7 days of school you are welcome to bring your child to the classroom. You may also collect your child from the classroom at 12 o' clock.
After that time we would like the Junior infant Classes to line up in the front yard along with the Senior Infants. The teacher will collect the class at 9:20 am and bring the children to class. Say goodbye to your child at the line in the yard. It is important that you are on time for school as much valuable settling in and teaching time is lost for your child and the other children in class when children arrive late for school.
You will be collecting your child from the Junior Yard at 2pm. Please note that each teacher will have a designated space by the wall. It is vital that you do not take your child without informing the teacher.