Traffic Management 2017

Welcome back to all our parents and pupils.

Please read the following very carefully.

Please ensure that the school office has your up-to-date mobile number for school texts.

Our amazing new school campus opens on Wed. 30th August 2017!  We are sure that you are as excited and relieved as all of us! We now have state of the art new facilities and a new drop and collect zone for both Scoil Mhuire and Scoil Bhríde. 

The campus is new for everyone and it will take time to familiarise ourselves with it.

In order to facilitate the safe and efficient drop off for all of our pupils both school management teams have agreed to facilitate traffic management for the first few days. We urge you to follow the directions of the traffic management team. You may expect delays for the first while as we all familiarise ourselves with our new campus so please allow extra time for dropping off your child for the first few mornings.

Your co-operation and understanding in this is very much appreciated and we thank you in advance.

Drop/Collect Zone: General information

  • The Drop/collect zone is for parents of pupils from both Scoil Mhuire and Scoil Bhride.

  • The Drop/collect zone is a one way traffic system.

  • Entry to/Exit from the zone is via Kilcruttin.

  • The Drop/collect zone is for set down only .

  • No parking is allowed in the zone. Parking will have to be off site in the Town Park /Main Street/ limited spaces opposite Railway station

  • Pedestrian access to both schools is via steps at old front door to Scoil Mhuire/existing Scoil Bhride entrance/the Town Park entrance or pedestrian access at the Drop/Collect Zone.

  • You must turn left on exiting the Drop/collect zone.

  • Children must use the Pedestrian crossing in the Drop/Collect zone.

The traffic management plan: From Wed. 30th August 2017 to Fri. 1st Sept. 2017

In order to facilitate familiarisation with the new campus arrangement we have staggered school start times for pupils in Scoil Mhuire.

These start times are for the 30th/31stAugust and Friday 1st Sept 2017 only and are as follows:

  • 2nd – 6th Class Pupils: Start at 9:20am and go to Assembly Yard Nr 1. Pupils will be met by teachers on the Yard and directed into classrooms. Finish at 3pm and  pupils should be collected from the Drop and Collect Zone.

  • First Class Pupils: Start at 9:45am and go to Assembly  Yard Nr 1. Children will be met by  teachers on the Yard and directed into classrooms.  Finish at 3pm and pupils should be collected from Drop/Collect Zone.

  • Senior Infant Pupils:  Start at 9:45am, go to Assembly Yard Nr 1. You/your child will be met by teachers and directed to the classroom. If you wish to accompany your child into the school you will have to consider parking off site. Finish at 2pm and pupils should be collected from Assembly Yard Nr. 1

  • Junior Infant Pupils: Start at 10:15am, go to new Main Entrance door to Scoil Mhuire. Finish at 12:30. Teachers will meet you and your child and direct you to your child’s class at 10;15am. If you wish to accompany your child into class please note that you will have to consider parking off site. Pupils may be collected from the classroom at 12:30 also. The start time of 10:15 am only applies for Junior Infants for 30th August – 1st Sept. Junior Infants will finish at 12:30 until 5th Sept. Normal school times (9:20am -2pm) apply from 6th Sept. onwards.


  • NB Starting times for all classes will revert to the normal time from Monday the 4th September.


  •  If driving to school you may :

(A) park in Town Park -enter via gate from Town Park at back of school  - follow signs to Assembly Yard Nr.1

(B) park in Main Street-  enter  via gate from Town Park at back of school  - follow signs to Assembly Yard Nr.1  

(C) Drive into the new Drop/collect zone  - use the set down area and your child can follow the signs and instructions of the traffic management volunteers to Assembly Yard Nr. 1

  • If walking to school you may enter through:

(A ) the Town Park gate at rear of school  - follow signs to Assembly Yard Nr.1

(B) the gate at steps opposite the old front entrance and follow signs to Assembly Yard Nr. 1  

(C) enter through pedestrian gate to Drop and Collect zone and follow the signs to Assembly Yard Nr. 1

Please note: School Bus times are not affected by the staggered start times.

Pupils from Junior Infants/Senior Infants and 1st Classes who are travelling by bus or with older siblings please come at normal school start time. Volunteers will be on hand to direct pupils to their classrooms at 9:20am.

All pupils with special needs who travel by bus /taxi will be met by SNA’s at the new school entrance in Drop/collect zone. If you are accompanying your child with special needs you may enter by the new front entrance to school.

It will help hugely if you/your child is familiar with your child’s classroom number and teacher’s name: These are as follows:

Junior Infants:

Ms. Lee: Classroom 6    Ms. Mc Cormack: Classroom 7 (downstairs)

Senior Infants:

Ms. Cantwell: Classroom 5   Ms. Martin: Classroom 4 (downstairs)

1st Class:

Mr. Dillon: Classroom 16    Ms. O’ Sullivan: Classroom 17   Mr. Walsh: Classroom 15 (upstairs)

2nd Class: Ms. Mahony:  Classroom 9 (upstairs)

3rd Class: Ms. Daly: Classroom 10 (upstairs)

4th Class: Ms. Fahy: Classroom 11 (upstairs)

5th Class: Ms. Mahon: Classroom 12 (upstairs)

6th Class: Ms. Murray: Classroom 1 (downstairs)

Ms. Waters: Classroom 3 (downstairs)

Ms. Wright: Classroom 2 (downstairs)

Please note:

The above plan will be reviewed on Wed Aug.30th /Thursday Aug. 31st and adjustments may be made at that point. Any adjustments to the plan will be notified by text and you may be referred to our school /blog/facebook page /website.

Please ensure that you have given an up-to-date textaparent contact number to the school office.

As you might expect this is a hugely challenging time for all school staff and for the first week we ask kindly that you please restrict requests for face to face meetings to urgent matters only. All non-urgent queries can be directed to  or by phone.

Your co-operation in this matter is hugely appreciated by the